An Effective Privacy Program is No Longer Optional…

An Effective Privacy Program is No Longer Optional…

The world is demanding that organizations be accountable for the data they collect, how they manage that data, and how they use personal information to protect and respect the rights of individuals. I have been providing training on creating an effective privacy management program for almost 20 years (see image to the right depicting a cycle of on-going privacy responsibilities). But a privacy program was considered a good business practice then, and now, it’s no longer optional. Meanwhile, this year marks the ten year anniversary of Getting Accountability Right with a Privacy Management Program, jointly developed by the Federal, Alberta and B.C. commissioners. This resource, outlining the key building blocks of a privacy program, remains highly relevant and offers practical guidance to organizations. Still, developing a strong privacy program is a relatively new subject of global importance, one that organizations can no longer ignore. This framework and a clear understanding of the organization’s data life cycle is necessary for meeting the requirements of laws, regulations and industry best practices. A privacy governance framework provides methods to:

  1. Assess privacy maturity and any gaps in the privacy program;
  2. Protect personal information with robust security practices and privacy-by-design principles;
  3. Sustain privacy management through regular and continuous monitoring based on the organization’s risk tolerance, using defined roles that may include privacy, audit, risk and security teams; and
  4. Respond to new business initiatives with privacy implications, data subject requests, privacy inquiries or complaints, and incidents or data breaches.

Although a dedicated privacy team or privacy professional, such as the privacy officer, usually owns the program, ownership and management must be shared with other stakeholders throughout the organization, including employees, executive leadership, managers and external entities, such as partners, service providers, and customers.

Businesses are motivated today more than ever to ensure they are compliant with privacy laws and regulations around the globe, primarily because they want to protect their reputation and customer trust. The privacy officer or privacy program manager role is becoming increasingly important for maintaining a privacy-oriented culture within the organization, responding effectively to privacy breaches and data subject requests, as well as continually monitoring an auditable privacy program.

On November 2-4, 2022, Fazila Moosa, an official training partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals,  will be conducting virtual training for those interested in obtaining their CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager) designation, one of the fastest growing internationally recognized IAPP certifications. The training covers practical skills for operationalizing privacy. The CIPM course covers:

  • How to create a company vision;How to structure the privacy team;
  • How to develop and implement a privacy program framework;
  • How to communicate to stakeholders;
  • How to measure performance; and
  • The privacy program operational life cycle.

Here are the IAPP’s top 5 reasons to pursue your CIPM certification:

  1. The CIPM is the global industry standard in privacy program management.
  2. Master the skills to establish, maintain and manage a privacy program across all stages of its operational lifecycle.
  3. Bear the mark of a privacy leader who drives the culture of privacy within your organization.
  4. Elevate your leadership profile among your colleagues.
  5. Secure the confidence that you have the essential tools and knowledge to boost your privacy program and add value across your organization in both the public and private sectors.

We hope you will join us for the CIPM training course! Visit to learn more. Registration is open and this course is expected to fill. Early bird pricing in effect!

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