Media Coverage

Canadian Healthcare Technology

PRIVATECH blog quoted in Canadian Healthcare Technology (August 23, 2017)

IT World Canada

Fazila Nurani interviewed for article entitled Many Canadian firms don't take breaches seriously (May 26, 2017)

The Lawyers Weekly

Fazila Nurani interviewed for article on the Lessons learned from the Ashley Madison data breach (September 30, 2016)

Fazila Nurani interviewed for article on Privacy in a digital world (Fall 2011)

Globe & Mail

Fazila Nurani interviewed for article Data Breaches: It’s more expensive to react then prevent (May 23, 2013)

Canada AM

Facebook violates Canadian privacy law: July 2009 (Fazila Nurani interviewed regarding the Federal Privacy Commissioner’s findings against Facebook)

CTV News

How Privacy was breached by Google: January 2014 (Fazila Nurani interviewed by Dan Matheson)

TekSavvy users could face lawsuits: December 2012 (Fazila Nurani interviewed on illegal file sharing and determining the identities behind IP addresses).

Deleting yourself from the Internet: July 2012 (Fazila Nurani interviewed by Jacqueline Milczarek and Dan Matheson).

Proposed changes to Canada’s copyright act:  June 2010 (Fazila Nurani interviewed by Marcia on the impact of the changes).

Toronto police officers wearing microphones:  May 2010 (Fazila Nurani interviewed by Sandy on the privacy implications).

Dead woman’s Facebook account hacked: October 2009 (Fazila Nurani interviewed to address protecting your on-line identity).

Google’s Latitude Service: February 2009 (Fazila Nurani interviewed by Jacqeline Milczarek on the privacy implications of Google’s new technology).


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