Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (“CASL”) came into force on July 1, 2014 with respect to the sending of commercial electronic messages. CASL proves to be one of the most onerous anti-spam laws in the world, and it is critical for organizations to take the necessary steps to comply with this law. With a Spam Reporting Centre staffed with CASL investigators, and the ability to reprimand organizations with heavy fines, it is clear that the CRTC is taking its enforcement powers seriously.

On January 15, 2015, CASL will apply to the consent rules when installing a computer program on another person’s computer system. To view PRIVATECH’s presentation on the installation of computer program provisions and how they apply to your organization, click here.

Contact us for assistance with completing a CASL audit, and determining the key steps that your organization must take to become compliant. PRIVATECH’s audit process for CEMs involves:

  • Providing a questionnaire to be completed by key groups on CEMs sent by the organization;
  • Review of CEMs and requesting necessary clarification;
  • Determining gaps between existing practice and CASL requirements;
  • Recommending changes including database structure, consent wording and procedural changes;
  • Preparing custom CASL guidelines and checklists; and
  • CASL training for key groups to ensure compliance going forward.

For interactive training to educate on CASL responsibilities, check out our CASL e-learning course.

Tools for the Do-it-Yourself CASL Compliance Project

Templates developed by PRIVATECH give you a head start with your CASL documentation and compliance program!