Information security deals with information, regardless of its format - it encompasses paper documents, as well as digital and intellectual property. Cybersecurity, on the  other hand, is specifically concerned with protecting digital assets - information that is processed, stored, or transported by internetworked information systems. Thus, it is helpful to think of cybersecurity as a component of information security.

An information security or cybersecurity audit assesses data security practices within an organization and addresses gaps that could result in information systems being compromised.

PRIVATECH provides in-depth information security audits conducted by ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditors. 

PRIVATECH and its partners have extensive experience in conducting technical assessments and providing services related to enhancing an organization’s security program, including:

  • Assessing Physical Security of Data Centres and Logical Security of Databases
  • Ensuring Adequate Protection of Data at Rest and in Transit
  • Development of a Security Incident Plan
  • Training on Event Monitoring and Identification of Suspicious Audit Logs
  • Forensic Analysis and Reporting
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Policy Development
  • Security Maturity Assessment

PRIVATECH is committed to helping you effectively implement your security policy and organizational security strategy.

A security audit identifies network and systems weaknesses, so organizations are better equipped to avoid the cost and damage that result from a security incident.

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