If your company is faced with a privacy complaint or a real or perceived privacy breach, immediate steps need to be taken to respond and to reduce the impact on your business. PRIVATECH can assist you in managing the breach, reporting to Privacy Commissioners or the media as required and notifying affected individuals.

In the context of a privacy breach, you also need to think about contacting insurers, solicitor-client privilege if litigation is a possibility, and other key steps to protect your organization. We will guide you so critical steps are not missed.

PRIVATECH can also assist you in developing and implementing long-term solutions that will reduce the risk of further privacy violations.

Increasingly, inadequate privacy practices are costing many companies large contracts or clients. PRIVATECH has assisted many organizations salvage a business relationship and rebuild a client’s confidence in the organization’s ability to protect personal information.

Although we would rather be working with you in a proactive manner to protect privacy, if there is a need to react, you can count on PRIVATECH for sound advice.

Privacy Breach Response Toolkit

Get our template breach response procedure and other resources to set up your breach response plan!