A comprehensive corporate privacy policy that is shared with customers and suppliers is critical to building trust and demonstrating a commitment to privacy. Internal procedures or protocols that give employees the guidance they need to manage personal information responsibly need to be in place to support the policy.

PRIVATECH focuses on developing privacy policies and supporting procedures that clearly convey the company’s data management practices and objectives, and that meet obligations under applicable privacy laws.

Our expertise with Canadian privacy laws and the legal obligations in other countries, combined with our superb and meticulous writing skills, also puts PRIVATECH in the perfect position to review and recommend updates to existing policies and procedures, consent forms, privacy notices, third party agreements and employee handbooks.

Consult with PRIVATECH to achieve peace of mind that there are no gaps in your privacy documentation, and that your policies and procedures are the best they can be.


Train Your Staff on CASL Compliance

PRIVATECH's E-Learning course will educate your staff on how to avoid breaching Canada's Anti Spam Law.