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All templates updated Summer 2022!

PRIVATECH’s high quality templates will help you introduce and demonstrate privacy best practices. The sample documents can be easily customized for your organization. We are confident that if your organization handles personal information, you will find this tool extremely useful. The Privacy Documentation Suite consists of the following templates:

  1. Organizational Privacy Policy (view EXTRACT)
  2. Employee Privacy Policy (view EXTRACT)
  3. Website Privacy Statement
  4. Cookie Policy
  5. Supplemental privacy notice for EU residents.
  6. Supplemental privacy notice for California consumers.
  7. Privacy Breach Response Procedure (and internal privacy breach report form) (view EXTRACT)
  8. Internet and E-mail Acceptable Use Policy (view EXTRACT)
  9. Access to Personal Information Procedure (and standard access request form) – provincial distinctions incorporated
  10. Employee Procedure for Safeguarding Personal Information (practical tips for employees)
  11. Bring-your-own-Device (BYOD) Policy
  12. Laptop Deployment Guide (for the IT department)
  13. Laptop Security Policy (for employees issued a company laptop)
  14. Social Media Use Policy
  15. Password Policy
  16. Video Surveillance Policy
  17. Record Retention and Destruction Policy
  18. Electronic Media Disposal Guidelines
  19. De-identification Guidelines (in order to anonymize data in a way that reduces the risk of re-identification)
  20. Remote Work Arrangements Procedure
  21. Service Provider Privacy Questionnaire
  22. E-mail Etiquette Guidelines
  23. Simple Privacy Impact Assessment Form (short questionnaire to be completed when a new product or service is being introduced)
  24. Internal Privacy Audit Guidelines
  25. Annual Privacy Compliance Report for a Board of Directors
  26. External CASL Compliance Policy
  27. Internal CASL Compliance Policy

These resources are invaluable if you don’t already have any one of the above policies/procedures in place, or if it is time that your organization revisited any of this critical documentation. The documents have been designed in light of data breaches, guidance from privacy commissioners and standards set by judges in court.

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Demonstrate your commitment to privacy and guide your employees on safeguarding personal information now!

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