Foundations is a one-day privacy training course developed by the International Association of Privacy Professionals that is ideal training to ensure a strong understanding of the key principles of privacy, privacy laws and concepts/best practices to reduce privacy risks. Whether you have just been put in charge of the privacy program for your organization, need to train a team who will oversee privacy compliance or are looking to ensure base understand of privacy across functional groups (e.g. HR, Marketing, Call Centre, IT, etc.), Foundations provides an excellent privacy training solution to raise awareness and foster a culture of privacy within your organization. 

What topics does the Foundations course cover?  

At a high level, the course covers:  

  • Key privacy concepts 
  • Fair information practices (FIPs) 
  • The data life cycle 
  • Models for data protection regulation 
  • Major privacy and data protection laws (customized for Canada)
  • Case studies (customized for Canada)
  • Emerging privacy topics

CLICK HERE for the complete course outline  

Foundations can be purchased for self-paced learning (each learner receives materials and a link to the course modules that they can complete at their own time), or the course can be instructor-led (virtually or in-person with a minimum of 6 employees) by Fazila Moosa, Official Training Partner of the IAPP with 23 years of experience.


Fazila Moosa, IAPP Official Training Partner with over 20 years experience.
Fazila has been a training partner with the IAPP since 2016, successfully preparing hundreds of privacy professionals for their certification exams through in-person and virtual classrooms.