Training solutions for your business


PRIVATECH’s privacy training sessions can be geared towards front-line staff who collect personal information, managers who will be directly involved in rolling out privacy risk management plans, or senior executives who need a clear sense of the resources that need to be dedicated to a privacy compliance project.

PRIVATECH’s CASL training sessions offer practical advice on compliance with Canada’s anti-spam law for marketing groups, communications departments and IT services. From those who hit the send button, manage lists and install software, to those who develop policies and monitor compliance, CASL training is something the CRTC has clearly stated is a must for demonstrating due diligence.

We design privacy and CASL training solutions that are right for your business, such as Web-based training or interactive in-person sessions. Our goal is to engage, inspire and ensure maximum retention for adult learners. Our training sessions incorporate quizzes, exercises and lots of discussion.

PRIVATECH takes privacy and CASL training very seriously and we are proud of how effective our training programs have been at raising privacy awareness. The most critical factor in reducing privacy and spam risks, and avoiding a breach, is ensuring that staff can identify compliance issues and deal with them confidently.

PRIVATECH strongly believes in customizing training content for each client and industry. Privacy is good business. So create a ‘culture of privacy’ within your organization. Let us help you plan your privacy and anti-spam law training needs.


Want to avoid the fines which accompany a CASL breach?

At PRIVATECH we'll train your staff on how to service your clients and do their jobs, while avoiding the costly fines which of breaching Canada's Anti Spam Law.